Hi! I am Swapnil, I am a chartered accountant, entrepreneur & a business coach. Its been around 7 years that I am into online & offline selling.

After 2.5 years of experience in Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), I left a 5 days a week, high paying job for starting my business in the year 2012.

I started my business journey with selling shoes offline and on ebay. I used to get orders & I thought that its an awesome business because I was getting money but I was not aware whether I was making profit or loss.

When I researched my accounts after 6 months or so, I came to know that I lost over 2 lakhs during just 6 months. There were plenty of charges, commissions, excess courier charges, etc which I was unaware off.

Then I closed ebay and started snapdeal, groupon, shopclues, Amazon, Paytm etc. But at the end of the day I realised that the online business is not just listing the products and getting the orders. There is much more than that.

I failed, I learnt, I experimented, I studied so many things during my joruney that I want my students and clients do not face those hurdles.

Thats why I launched Amazon King course for the one who are willing to launch their business on Amazon & scale their business to a next level.

For those who are already selling on Amazon and are not getting results, I have launched 3x Sales multiplier management service in which my team will guide them as to how they can grow their business 3 times.

For the ones who want to get launched on amazon, we provide free support services for the first two months as we know that during the nascent stage they need extra care and coaching for knowing the dynamics of the business. I have launched so many businesses and got so many positive results from our clients that now the are more than friends to me.

So lets join hands and get the ball rolling for your success. Just fill out the below mentioned form so that we can connect you and give our best.

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