- Account Analysis

- Business Blueprint

- A+ Listings

- Ultimate level of Listings with SEO & keywords

- Listing optimisation of current catalogue

- Campaign creation with E+B+P+A+P strategy

- Optimisation of Running campaign

- Weekly milestones for perfect tracking of the output

Rs. 10,000 / month

Rs. 25,000 / Quarterly 

GST is extra


- Everything that is included in BASIC PLAN

- Strategy for 2x scaling of business

- Facebook & Instagram Automation for high conversions

- Automation of Campaigns for highly efficient ACOS & increased ROAS

-  Strategy for increase in product reviews and seller feedbacks

- Laser sharp targetting on Facebook & Instagram advertisements for doubling our revenue

- Cluster Replication for 3x multiplication of business

- Many business related strategies

Rs. 15,000 / month

Rs. 35,000 / Quarter

GST is extra

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